Cartoonist Belle Yang Tells Personal Memoir in FORGET SORROW



By Zack Smith, Newsarama Contributor

Writer and artist Belle Yang has made a career out of exploring the history of the life, the family and the cultures that shaped her.  Born in Taiwan, she spent part of her childhood in Japan before immigrating to the US, and spent part of her adult life in China.  Her works include illustrated memoirs of her family’s history, such award-winning picture books as Always Come Home to Me, and she was the subject of the  award-winning PBS documentary My Name is Belle.

Now, Yang has come to comics with Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral Tale.  In this graphic memoir, Yang recounts her experience moving back in with her Chinese immigrant parents when she was stalked by an ex-boyfriend nicknamed “Rotten Egg.”  There, she hears her father’s stories of her family in China, in which reflect her own pains and experiences.

// Forget Sorrow has earned rave reviews since its release in May, and we were fortunate to get Yang on the phone to talk about her comics debut.  In our in-depth conversation, Yang talked about her early experiences with comics, the creative freedom of this medium, and how China may have influenced the development of comic books.

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