Doug TenNapel on GHOSTOPOLIS

Creator Tells a Modern Fable in GHOSTOPOLIS By Zack Smith, Newsarama Contributor Writer and artist Doug TenNapel has taken fans on some surreal adventures, whether it’s with video games such as Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood, cartoons such as Catscratch or such all-ages graphic novels as Creature Tech and Tommysaurus Rex.     Now, TenNapel […]

Review: ANNIE at NC Theatre

Annie North Carolina Theatre At Raleigh Memorial Auditorium Through Aug. 1 On June 13, Little Orphan Annie ended its 86-year run on newspaper comics pages, finishing on yet another cliffhanger as the eponymous blank-eyed foundling is held captive by the “Butcher of the Balkans.” At this point, fewer than 20 newspapers still carried the strip. […]

Mat Broome on DEFCON 2055 and CreatorSafe.Com

MATT BROOME Turns 25 Years Experience Into By Zack Smith Mat Broome’s been working in comics and video games for nearly a quarter-century, collaborating with the likes of Alan Moore on WildC.A.T.S., Rick Remender on The End League and Kevin Grevioux on The Blue Marvel. But his new slate of projects – including an […]


The Life and Times of Illustrator DEAN HASPIEL By Zack Smith, Newsarama Contributor It’s a good time to be Dean Haspiel.  The prolific cartoonist has become a familiar face at Vertigo with such graphic novels as The Quitter with the late Harvey Pekar, The Alcoholic with Jonathan Ames, and the forthcoming Cuba: My Revolution with […]

Marc Guggenheim on NO ORDINARY FAMILY

SDCC 2010: Guggenheim Helps NO ORDINARY FAMILY Find A Start By Zack Smith, Newsarama Contributor Text Size: This fall, a new super-powered family will invade our TV screens.  The Powells were your average family, until a strange accident brought them together in  a way they could never imagine.  Now, they find they’ve got strange new […]


Redneck humor is a staple of regional theater, whether it is the travails of Greater Tuna or Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten’s tales of Fayro, Texas, in such plays as Dearly Beloved. The opportunity for outrageous outfits and accents often proves a pleaser for crowds and a pain for critics, who must sit […]