Cartoonist Takes Classic Strips Into War With WEAPON BROWN

By Zack Smith
Some things are so wrong they’re right.  Consider the case of Weapon Brown.

It is the future, after the Last War.  Across the apocalyptic landscape rides a lone figure known as “Chuck,” a single hair curled across his forehead, a tattered yellow shirt with a single stripe concealing his Schultz 777 gun.  With his dog Snoop and a bionic arm, he battles the likes of a kite-eating tree, a Cthulhu-esque figure known as the “Great Pumpkin” and a massive orange creature with a voracious appetite called a “Garf.”

If some of these ideas sound familiar…you’re right.  Anything you’ve ever read in the funny pages has been twisted, mutated and evolved into something very, very wrong in these adventures, which are filled with violence, swearing and many, many laughs (though it’s recommended for mature or immature readers only).

First appearing in the pages of the anthology Deep Fried, Weapon Brown has earned a loyal following, who follow his online storyline “Blockhead’s War” as it’s regularly updated on, where you can also buy hard-copy editions in the “store” section.

We recently encountered this depravity for ourselves, and had to talk to the creator, Jason Youngbluth.  We got the heads-up on the climax of “Blockhead’s War,” his influences on the strip, and what’s next.  Get ready to take a trip to the world of Weapon Brown.

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