By Zack Smith

Jennifer is a monkey. Jennifer is the pet of an adorable little girl named Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn loves Jennifer. She puts her in pretty dresses, has tea parties with her, and gets involved in magical adventures involving pirates, evil scientists and ninja transvestites.

Jennifer is actually a male monkey. Jennifer hates Kaitlyn. All s/he can think about is how much s/he wants to violently dismember Kaitlyn. Unfortunately, Jennifer has been declawed, meaning all s/he can do is suffer in silence as we watch and laugh.

Welcome to the world of My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer. Unleashed by Slave Labor Graphics in the early 2000s, the book earned a loyal fan base before disappearing after six issues and a collection.

But now, creator Ken Knudtsen is back with an all-new 96-page graphic novel out this July that takes Jennifer and Kaitlyn on an epic new adventure ― not that Jennifer will be happy about this.

We were spoke with Knudsten about returning to his character, what readers can expect, other upcoming Jennifer stories, and how this series was inspired by The Flash. Seriously.

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