Jason Youngbluth on WEAPON BROWN

Cartoonist Takes Classic Strips Into War With WEAPON BROWN By Zack Smith Some things are so wrong they’re right.  Consider the case of Weapon Brown. It is the future, after the Last War.  Across the apocalyptic landscape rides a lone figure known as “Chuck,” a single hair curled across his forehead, a tattered yellow shirt […]


Agatha Christie’s Spider’s Web at TheatreFest  by Zack Smith Write to the editor Spider’s Web TheatreFest Titmus Theatre, Thompson Hall, N.C. State Campus Through June 27 Agatha Christie’s Spider’s Web, which was written as an original vehicle for the actress Margaret Lockwood during the final rehearsals for her better-known Witness for the Prosecution, combines drawing-room […]

Review: Don DiLillio’s VALPARAISO

FATE’s production of Don DeLillo’s Valparaiso  by Zack Smith If nothing else, Free Association Theater Ensemble’s production of Don DeLillo’s Valparaiso at Common Ground deserves points for creative staging. The staging area is set up like rows of airplane seats, with the playbill and tickets given out as boarding passes and free peanuts distributed at […]

J.M. DeMatteis on IMAGINALIS

A Closed Door Opens Another for J.M. DEMATTEIS & IMAGINALIS By Zack Smith What happens when your favorite series get canceled? One little girl is about to find out. J.M. DeMatteis has amassed one of the most diverse resumes in comics writing, going from all types of superhero stories to some of the earliest “Mature […]


SLG’s MY MONKEY’S NAME IS JENNIFER Returns in July By Zack Smith Jennifer is a monkey. Jennifer is the pet of an adorable little girl named Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn loves Jennifer. She puts her in pretty dresses, has tea parties with her, and gets involved in magical adventures involving pirates, evil scientists and ninja transvestites. Jennifer […]


Justice Theater Project’s Dancing at Lughnasa  by Zack Smith   Write to the editor Dancing at Lughnasa Justice Theater Project At Cardinal Gibbons High School Through June 27 None of the actors in the Justice Theater Project’s production of Brian Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa have an Irish accent in real life, but it’s impossible to […]

Bryan J.L. Glasss on THOR: FIRST THUNDER

Lightning Strikes Twice as THOR’s Origin is Retold By Zack Smith, Newsarama Contributor posted: 11 June 2010 02:57 pm ET The God of Thunder is making his presence known in a big way leading up to the new Thor film, and Marvel is introducing his history to a new generation of readers with Thor: First […]


Beauty and the Beast is familiar family fare  by Zack Smith   Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Durham Performing Arts Center Through June 13 There’s not a lot to say about the production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at the Durham Performing Arts Center other than it certainly looks pretty, and it’s entertaining family […]

Glen David Gold on SUNNYSIDE, Part 2

Comics For “Sunnyside” Novelist, Comics and Kirby are GOLD By Zack Smith   Our two-part interview with novelist Glen David Gold (Carter Beats the Devil, Sunnyside) concludes today. Part one can be found by clicking here. In this installment, Gold talks about his love of comics and comic collecting, including his favorite creators, arranging a […]