Glen David Gold on SUNNYSIDE, Part One

By Zack Smith Author Glen David Gold is a respected name in literary circles…and a hardcore comic book fan.  His two novels, Carter Beats the Devil and Sunnyside, combine historical figures and settings with fictionalized circumstances that combine emotional moments and characterization with pieces of humor, action and some very obscure pieces of trivia. Gold […]

Theater Review: SPRING LOADED

Arts » Theater A.D.D. Theater’s Spring Loaded  by Zack Smith Spring Loaded A.D.D. Theater @ Elizabeth Price Kenan Theatre, UNC Campus Through May 22 A.D.D. Theater’s Spring Loaded opens and closes with a song parodying the theme to Gilligan’s Island, which gives you an idea of the topicality of this sketch show. Drawing inspiration from […]


Raleigh Little Theatre’s Songs for a New World  by Zack Smith Songs for a New World Raleigh Little Theatre Through May 22 “I’m not trying to philosophize/ I just want to tell a story,” sings one of the characters in Raleigh Little Theatre’s production of Jason Robert Brown’s Songs for a New World. The offbeat […]

The Influence of Akira Kurosawa’s RASHOMON

Reprinted from the Indpendent Weekly In my tender elementary school days, I found myself oddly troubled by an episode of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Titled “Every Chipmunk Tells a Story,” it involved Alvin, Simon and Theodore telling a series of conflicting flashbacks about how Dave’s piano came to be destroyed and filled with rice pudding. […]