Vertigo’s SWEET TOOTH Feeds Indie Stories to the Masses

By Zack Smith

Jeff Lemire’s ongoing Vertigo series Sweet Tooth has been one of the great critical hits of the past year.  Currently in the middle of its second storyline, “In Captivity,” it’s the chronicle of Gus, a candy-loving boy in a devastated future United States who was born with antlers as the result of a mysterious pandemic.  Now out in the world for the first time, Gus must rely on the violent and mysterious Jepperd to find a safe haven, and understand the world for the first time.

With the first collection Out of the Deep Woods due out next month, we called up Lemire in Canada to talk about the series to date, his numerous other projects, and the transition into a monthly series after his previous graphic novels (The Essex Country Trilogy, The Nobody).  In this spoiler-free discussion, Lemiere gave us some insight into his work on the series and some hints at its future.

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