Englehart Delivers Novel Sequel 20 Years in the Making

By Zack Smith

 Steve Englehart became one of the first major post-Silver Age superhero writers with his character-and-action-heavy runs on such characters as Captain America, Batman, Dr. Strange, the Avengers and more.  In addition to his groundbreaking superhero work, Englehart was also one of the first Bronze Age creators to break into such media as novels and video games.  Now, he’s returned to the world created in his first novel – and launched a new epic tale.

First published in 1981, Englehart’s novel The Point Man was a modern-day pulp thriller about a Vietnam vet drawn into a conspiracy that introduced him to the world of magic.  Nearly three decades later, the novel’s been reissued as part of a new series that’s already earning raves from top writers.  With publication of the first sequel, The Long Man, we talked with Englehart about the series, his career, and whether he’ll ever return to comics.

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