Raleigh Little Theatre’s Veronica’s Room

17 FEB 2010  •  by Zack Smith

Veronica’s Room

Raleigh Little Theatre
Through Feb. 28

The biggest mistake made in Raleigh Little Theatre’s production of Ira Levin’s Veronica’s Room is the intermission. The good stuff’s all in the second act and starts almost immediately after the curtain goes up, but the first act is mostly lighthearted exposition. Levin himself wrote that the play could be performed without an intermission, and in this production everything grinds to a halt right before it gets interesting.

How it gets interesting is something that’s difficult to relate without giving away the many twists and turns. Suffice to say, there’s a reason Levin is best known for writing Rosemary’s Baby and Deathtrap, which RLT performed last season. This is the sort of story where no one’s quite who they seem, three or four times over.

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