Aaron & Kubert Ready to ASTONISH With SPIDER-MAN & WOLVERINE

By Zack Smith

As announced yesterday, Marvel will relaunch Astonishing X-Men as part of a new “Astonishing” line designed to bring in new readers.  Their first new addition to the line?  A six-issue Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine miniseries.  What’s so astonishing about it?  Well, the superstar creative team of Jason Aaron (Scalped, Punishermax, Wolverine: Weapon X) and Adam Kubert (Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ultimate X-Men, approximately 500 other Marvel and DC characters) is a good start.   Also, it apparently contains something called “Doom: the Living Planet.”  Let that sink in.

We dared these two creators to astonish us with their new book.  Did they?  Read on!