Celebrating MARVEL ADVENTURES as it… Ends?

By Zack Smith

In March, an acclaimed era of Marvel Comics will apparently come to the end when the last issues of the Marvel Adventures line are published (Newsarama Note: In the March 2010 Solicitations, the Marvel Adventures titles are listed as “final issue.” When reached for comment, Marvel would neither confirm nor deny the cancellation of the line as a whole).  Specializing in stand-alone, out-of-continuity stories, the MA line of books were designed to appeal to all ages…which meant that kids and older fans alike enjoyed their offbeat looks at life in the Marvel Universe.

Many of Marvel’s best creators worked on these books, which gave the Marvel Adventures line a unique flavor.  At their best, they combined the crazy high concepts of a 1960s-era book with the vivid characters and imagination from all eras of the Marvel Universe.  

As a special tribute, we’ve decided to pick 10 of our favorite issues of the Marvel Adventures books.  If you missed them the first time, don’t worry – we’ll let you know which digest volumes reprint these stories.  Set back, and prepare to have some fun.

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