January 2010

January 28, 2010

NC State Alumnus Uses Social Media to Track Haiti Quake Survivors

The massive earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12th devastated the country, leading to an estimated 150,000 deaths.  Now, an NC State alumnus and Haiti native has employed his talents to help people get in touch with friends and loved ones using social networking technology.

Michael Maximilien (aka Max) (M.S., 2001; Ph.D, 2005) has developed the Haiti Quake People Finder  (http://haiti-survivors.org), an application for the Facebook social networking site.  The constantly evolving application allows users to socially construct, track, and share information about friends and family who were in Haiti when the earthquake hit. 

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Jason Aaron: Putting GHOST RIDER: HEAVEN’S ON FIRE Out, p.2

By Zack Smith

 Our two-part talk with Jason Aaron on Ghost Riders: Heaven’s On Fire concludes (click here for Part 1), with a thoughtful and insightful look at writing bad-ass dudes, the appeal of flaming skulls, and having a giant eyeball for a head.

Read the full interview here!

Jason Aaron On Putting GHOST RIDER: HEAVEN’S ON FIRE Out

By Zack Smith

 An army of psycho nurses.

Ninja nuns.

A demonic truck driver with a living-flesh truck (complete with human-mouth 8-track).

And a flaming skeleton on a shark.

Jason Aaron has taken Ghost Rider on his craziest adventure ever in an extended storyline that’s pitted him against Heaven, Hell and everything in between.

We look back at his run here!

Marvel’s SIF: Swordplay & Bloodshed, That’s More Her Speed

By Zack Smith
Thee hast been warned, Newsarama readers!  The Maiden Sif hath cast out the foul spirit of the trickster Loki from her body, which he did wear as though it were yon suit.  And if thou findest that creepy, imagine how Sif doth feel.

Fear to those who must face her fury – and that of the celestial warrior Beta Ray Bill, who doth teamest-up with her in the new one-shot Sif, deliver’d by the Comics of Marvel in March.  To telleth yon tale, they called upon the fair Kelly Sue DeConnick, who hath previously written 30 Days of Night: Eben and Stella and yon ton of manga translations.

DeConnick did answereth our ridiculous questions about her plans to chronicle the rise of this she-warrior, and her upcoming projects.  And with her husband Matt Fraction yon incoming scribe of Thor, we seeketh out the truth of what it is to liveth in yon Asgardian household.  Wise is he who readest on, for he shall know a thousand thrills!

Read the full interview here!

In what may or may not become a new feature, we take an in-depth look back at a cartoon episode from the 1980s that helped shape my fragile psyche.

This time out: A two-part G.I. Joe written by the great Steve Gerber that pays hommage to Patrick McGoohan’s THE PRISONER.  And there’s embedded video to let you watch the actual episode!

Read, or the synthoids will get you.

Jennifer Coolidge: More than just a MILF


Jennifer Coolidge in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call—New Orleans, which plays its final Triangle engagement Thursday, Jan. 14, at the Carolina Theatre in Durham. (Photo courtesy of First Look Pictures)

It took one simple acronym to put Jennifer Coolidge in the public eye: “MILF.” Since her appearance as the teen-deflowering Stifler’s mom in 1999’s American Pie, the actress says she’s been inundated with scripts for “horny mother and trophy wife” roles. But she looks back on the part with fondness: “It’s gotten me a lot of dates.”

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Tommy Lee Edwards is everywhere, from comics to Denzel Washington and George Lucas movies

Graphic artistry

13 JAN 2010  •  by Zack Smith

Click for larger image • Pittsboro Illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards
Photo by Jeremy M. Lange

The room is in a small building just behind a white house with a garage, located off a private road in Pittsboro that looks like the proverbial Norman Rockwell painting—big front lawns, scenic views and the occasional pond that might attract migrating ducks in winter. You’d never guess its inhabitant was plotting an alien invasion and pitting Denzel Washington against the apocalypse.

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