Kelly Sue DeConnick on SIF

Marvel’s SIF: Swordplay & Bloodshed, That’s More Her Speed By Zack Smith Thee hast been warned, Newsarama readers!  The Maiden Sif hath cast out the foul spirit of the trickster Loki from her body, which he did wear as though it were yon suit.  And if thou findest that creepy, imagine how Sif doth feel. […]

Getting Over the ’80s: G.I. Joe’s “There’s No Place Like Springfield”

An in-depth look at “There’s No Place Like Springfield,” a two-part G.I. Joe episode written by the great Steve Gerber that pays hommage to Patrick McGoohan’s THE PRISONER. And there’s embedded video to let you watch the actual episode!


Jennifer Coolidge: More than just a MILF   Jennifer Coolidge in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call—New Orleans, which plays its final Triangle engagement Thursday, Jan. 14, at the Carolina Theatre in Durham. (Photo courtesy of First Look Pictures) It took one simple acronym to put Jennifer Coolidge in the public eye: “MILF.” Since her appearance […]

Paul Tobin on the New Marvel Adventures Books

Writer Paul Tobin Ready to Continue MARVEL ADVENTURES By Zack Smith Recent solicitations that Marvel’s all-ages Marvel Adventures books were ending had us concerned.  Like most things this writer worries about, these concerns turned out to be unnecessary and stupid: Marvel is relaunching Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man and Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes this March with all-new […]