The Last Unicorn

The Last Unicorn

Carolina Theatre books Gen X touchstones for Escapism Film Festival

Last chance to escape?

14 OCT 2009  •  by Zack Smith


Escapism Film Festival
Carolina Theatre
Oct. 16-18

One thousand tickets. That’s what the Escapism Film Festival, running this weekend at Durham’s Carolina Theatre, needs to sell if moviegoers want to see it around for another year.

Jim Carl, senior director of the Carolina Theatre, is blunt about this. “Basically, this festival, if the attendance isn’t there this year, and there’s no sense that there’s a demand for it, won’t be back for 2010. We’re a nonprofit, but this needs to at least make up its expenses.”

His solution? Nostalgia. With a lineup that’s geared toward movies most 30-ish Triangle residents will likely remember from their childhoods (and their parents will remember from their childhoods), this year’s Escapism is determined to get audiences to relive their fondest movie-going memories—or at least go out with a bang trying.

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