October 2009

Hillsborough house of horrors

Zack Smith · 31 Oct 2009, 11:39 AM · Comment

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Who wouldn’t want to live in a house where a strangely indestructible white-masked serial killer began his reign of terror? For many horror fans, Kenny Caperton is living the dream.

Caperton is the owner and proprietor of the Myers House North Carolina, a Victorian residence in rural Hillsborough designed to replicate the veneer of the house used as the residence of the Myers family in John Carpenter’s horror classics Halloween and Halloween II.
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The hunt for fried October: the food horrors at the N.C. State Fair

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The Indy’s Zack Smith sends us this account of his journey through the “gastronomic snuff film” that is the food for sale at the NC State Fair.

What if A Comic Book Could Kill You?

By Zack Smith

What if there was a comic book…that could kill you?  Chris Wooding’s Malice holds the chilling answer.  The young-readers novel/graphic novel from Scholastic tells of a group of friends in the British town of Hathern, who discover that calling the name of Tall Jake six times will trap you in the deadly world of a comic called “Malice.”  And in Malice…there is no escape.

SMALL PRESS EXPO Shows The Diversity of Comics

By Zack Smith

One of the biggest gatherings for independent and self-published cartoonists in the U.S., SPX is also one of the highest-energy comic book shows you’ll encounter. 
My report (long-delayed due to technical difficulties) is online here!

Image, Marvel, Dark Horse: A Comics Renaissance Man

By Zack Smith

A year ago, Jim Rugg was almost ready to leave comics.  Now, he’s doing books with the likes of Courtney Taylor and Felicia Day.

Michael Chabon discusses children and popular culture

20 OCT 2009  •  by Zack Smith


Michael Chabon is the jack-of-all-trades of contemporary literature. His literate, humorous, elegiac books include everything from a Pulitzer Prize winner about comic book creators (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay) to an alternate-world mystery in a Jewish free state (The Yiddish Policemen’s Union). Chabon’s making his first trip through the Triangle to promote his new collection of essays, Manhood for Amateurs: The Pleasures and Regrets of a Husband, Father and Son. In the book, Chabon discusses bonding with his children and explores memories of his own childhood. We got Chabon on the phone to discuss some of the ideas and themes in his book; here are some highlights of our conversation.

Read the full interview here!

A Robot From an Alternate History Visits Our World

By Zack Smith

Veteran comics creator Paul Guinan achieved an unusual cult following by crafting a series of faked historical documents and images depicting a robot named Boilerplate.  The mechanical man earned a huge following from historical buffs, online fans, and even a place in a parody of historical thrillers.  Now, Boilerplate finally gets his due with a new collection, Boilerplate: History’s Mechanical Marvel from Abrams Image that came out on Oct.1.  We chatted with Guinan about his fabulous hoax, whose  history you can read online here.

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