Bob Schreck on Moving to IDW

SDCC 09 EXCLUSIVE: Bob Schreck Speaks on Move to IDW By Zack Smith Later today at Comic-Con International: San Diego, longtime industry stalwart Bob Schreck will be officially announced as a new Senior Editor at IDW. Previously known for his work as Senior Group Editor at Dark Horse and founding Oni Press along with a […]

PODCAST: Interviews with Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting and Guy Davis!

Here are a couple of live interviews I conducted at Heroes Con done up in podcast format.  Hear the sound of my voice!   Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting! Guy Davis!

Werewolves on the Moon Vs. Vampires

Land & the Fillbachs on Werewolves on the Moon vs. Vampires By Zack Smith  ENLARGE IMAGE It was a quiet day on Moonbase Alpha…until they showed up. Hairy, savage, out-of-control wolf-men bent on destruction. And just as the moon-cops had them subdued, they found their problems were just beginning…that a gang of ruthless bloodsuckers were […]

John Steensen on TECHNOPROSE

July 13, 2009 Alumni Achiever Profile: John Steensen Alumnus Combines His Love of Poetry and Technology in New Book Many engineers have seen the poetry in technology, but John Steensen (BSBC ’73) has put that poetry into words.  As the author of the collection TechnoProse: 32 Poems Inspired by the Technology Around Us, Steensen examines […]

Jack Hsu on 8-9-3 (LINK FIXED)

You’ve probably seen Jack Hsu’s work without realizing it many times over the years. The prolific storyboard artist has worked a number of hit films, and pulled off the unique feat of winning the Xeric Grant twice, first for Poppie’s Adventures, and again for his graphic novel 8-9-3, which premieres from Automaton in August.    page […]