Jules Feiffer on WHICH PUPPY? and More (LINK RE-FIXED)

Pulitzer Prize Winner Jules Feiffer talks WHICH PUPPY?, his new Obama-themed children’s book, and the state of modern satire.

CABARET at Raleigh Little Theatre

A dark-tinged take on Cabaret at Raleigh Little Theatre 11 JUN 2009  •  by Zack Smith Photo courtesy Raleigh Little Theatre Cabaret Raleigh Little Theatre Through June 28 Raleigh Little Theatre’s production of Cabaret might be the only RLT production where you can take both your mom and that girl you met at Hot Topic. […]


THE HANGOVER—Todd Phillips’s Frat Pack comedies (Road Trip, Old School), have always suffered from a certain narrative patchiness, but the tight script for this tale of the aftermath of a raucous bachelor party might be his strongest film yet. It’s certainly the most entertaining R-rated film of 2009 so far, with NC native Zach Galifianakis […]


LAND OF THE LOST—Those who recall Sid and Marty Krofft’s Saturday morning SF show from the 1970s (or its reruns on WRAL in the 1980s after Dungeons & Dragons) might remember it as looking like the result of psychedelic chemicals. This remake seems to have been written under similar circumstances, as it combines excellent art […]