David Sedaris remembers the city of his youth

We talk Raleigh one day

17 JUN 2009  •  by Zack Smith

David Sedaris brings his dry musings to Quail Ridge Wednesday, June 24.
Photo by Robert Banks

David Sedaris graduated from Sanderson High School in 1975 and left Raleigh for the bright lights of, among other things, Chicago, New York, menial jobs, unfinished college courses and the Macy’s Santaland. Still, in his remarkably successful career, he has returned time and again to his youth in Raleigh, as a member of a large, offbeat clan. Although some of his old haunts still stand, such as the IHOP on Hillsborough Street where he used to prepare for a bout of writing, he’s missed a lot of the new development in the city. The Raleigh of his youth is fast disappearing.

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