LAND OF THE LOST—Those who recall Sid and Marty Krofft’s Saturday morning SF show from the 1970s (or its reruns on WRAL in the 1980s after Dungeons & Dragons) might remember it as looking like the result of psychedelic chemicals. This remake seems to have been written under similar circumstances, as it combines excellent art direction and set design with long, rambling comedy riffs and crude humor. Much of the choppy, disjointed “plot” revolves around extended babbles by Will Ferrell and Danny McBride as two of the travelers trapped in a time-lost world, with jokes about dinosaur bowels and urine. Though fans will enjoy appearances by the likes of Enik the Altrusian and the Zarn (Leonard Nimoy, in the lesser of his summer movie cameos), the overall effect is like Steven Spielberg directing a bad Judd Apatow script. Actually, that could still happen. Rated PG-13. —ZS