Mort Walker and Jerry Dumas on SAM’S STRIP

  Imagine a comic strip where anyone could show up – where Blondie might stroll through, or Prince Valiant might charge through on his mighty steed. Imagine a strip where all artistic styles co-existed, produced without the aid of cut-and-paste or Photoshop. Now imagine that strip existed almost 50 years ago…and people didn’t get it. […]


The Starstruck Chronicles III, Xandau and Looking Ahead By Zack Smith Starstruck #2, page 20  ENLARGE IMAGE Our interview with the creators of IDW’s Starstruck re-presentation concludes today, with a look at what it took to bring this new series to readers, and what its return means to the creators. Read the full interview here!


The Starstruck Chronicles II: Helping Gene Colan By Zack Smith Starstruck #1, page 1  ENLARGE IMAGE Our three-part interview with the creators of IDW’s Starstruck continues today, with a look at the staged reading of the original play to help comics legend Gene Colan, a look at the new material in IDW’s reprints, and more. […]

Theater Review: CHARLEY’S AUNT at Theatre in the Park

Charley’s Aunt 17 JUN 2009  •  by Zack Smith Charley’s Aunt Theatre in the Park Through June 21 Men wearing women’s clothes is one of the ancient traditions of the theater, as is the confusion that results from it. And once you actually had male characters dressed as women—well, that opened up a whole new […]