CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE—Either the finest American film released this year or a racist, sexist mess, depending on who you ask, this sequel to the 2006 ultra-shoot-’em-up literally revives Jason Statham’s Chev Chelios as he’s forced to retrieve his stolen heart (yes, you read that correctly), while keeping his battery-powered replacement charged through electrocution and public sex on a racetrack. A relentless satire of action movie excess, the film is the sort that involves gun-toting strippers and gay bikers, porn stars on strike, a fight done in the style of a Godzilla film, and so many F-bombs that the film briefly stops to recap the number of times the protagonist is cursed out. Also, an unrecognizable David Carradine as a 100-year-old Asian crimelord named “Poon Dong,” Bai Ling as a hooker who only speaks in subtitled broken English, Corey Haim with a mullet, and a shotgun that is used as a sexual instrument within the first 10 minutes. It’s an amoral, hyperactive meth lab of a film that will likely send you to hell for enjoying it, but it’s in on its own joke, and infinitely more entertaining than most action films that pretend to be realistic. Rated R. —ZS