Pelican’s Quest: Ben Balistreri on ‘Seaweed’

By Zack Smith

Many comics promise a big adventure, but Seaweed: A Cure for Mildew


delivers…literally. At 16″ by 12″, this book is bigger than a DC Absolute Edition and almost as big as such massive tomes as Kramers Ergot.

Created by Ben Balistreri, an Emmy-winning animator who’s worked on such shows as Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and Danny Phantom (also winning three Annie awards in the process), Seaweed tells of a seafaring pelican who’s lost his ability to fly, but finds hope when a hypochondriac bat named Mildew seeks his help finding “The Devil’s Cookbook,” which can cure even death. But Seaweed, Mildew and their fishy friend Poisson are pursued by a motley crew including a murderous chameleon and a one-tentacled octopus, and many more dangers lurk on the horizon. The graphic novel is the first of a two-part story that will conclude in the second volume, The Devil’s Cookbook.

An all-ages adventure with some darker elements designed for fans of books like Bone, Seaweed has already earned rave reviews and a loyal following from many pros. You can buy it yourself at shows such as Brave New World and Meltdown Comics, or order it directly from Balistreri on his website,, or on his blog,

We recently chatted with Balistreri about what went into making this massive tale…and we’ve even included a page of art at actual size to give you an idea of what it’s like to read it.

Read the interview here!