Batman in the ’60s & ’70s: ‘The Batcave Companion’

By Zack Smith

It’s been said before, but this time we mean it: You only think you know the history of the Dark Knight. The Batcave Companion, the latest volume of comics history from TwoMorrows, takes you inside the period of Batman’s history from the 1964 “New Look” through the 1970s era of Ra’s al Guhl, Silver St. Cloud and more.

Don’t let the title fool you – it’s not just a focus on where Batman hangs his cowl, but a thorough exploration of an often-ignored era of Bat-history, packed to the gills with interviews, rare artwork and more, all under a brand-new painted cover by Neal Adams and an introduction by Dennis O’Neil.

Several years in the making, The Batcave Companion finally hits stores this April. It’s a labor of love for Michael Eury and Michael Kronenberg, who revealed to us why they dared venture into the Batcave…and what readers can expect to find.