The Race to the Moon in Comic Form: Ottaviani on T-Minus

By Zack Smith


In 1969, man first set foot on the moon. In 2009, a new graphic novel will show readers what it took to get there.

Jim Ottaviani’s science-themed graphic novels have covered everything from fossils (Bone Sharps, Cowboys & Thunder Lizards) to the atomic bomb (Fallout), and now he’s taking readers all the way to the moon and back. T-Minus, Ottaviani’s new graphic novel from Simon & Schuster, tells the story of the 1960s space race from a perspective that’s rarely been seen before., with art from Zander and Kevin Cannon. Ottaviani gave us the scoop on how his story is unique from other tales of the moon landing, and why this seminal event in human history remains important today.

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