Adam Felber – Hangin’ With the Skrull Kill Krew

By Zack Smith
posted: 10 February 2009 09:03 am ET


Well, the Secret Invasion is all over, but the Marvel Universe has a problem – there are still plenty of shape-shifting, skullcap-wearing, bad-complexioned Skrulls hiding among us. Who ya gonna call? Why, the Skrull Kill Krew, of course!

Introduced in the 1990s in a short-lived series by a couple of guys named Grant Morrison and Mark Millar, the Krew hates Skrulls. Really hates Skrulls. Really, really, really hates Skrulls. In fact, they hate Skrulls so much that they devote a good chunk of their time to riding around on motorcycles and smoking them out with guns and creepy powers. It’s been a while since they’ve been a presence in the Marvel Universe, but they re-emerged in the Invasion, and now they’re back in a new five-issue limited series that premieres in April.

To find out what’s up with the Kill Krew, we talked with the writer of the new series, Adam Felber. Felber’s a new name to comics, but he’s known in other media as a writer for HBO’s Bill Maher show Real Time, a guest on NPR’s Wait, Wait – Don’t Tell Me and for the novel Schrodinger’s Ball. Our extraordinarily silly conversation involved the morality of Skrull-slaying, Skrull-on-cow action, and the origins of this new miniseries in improve comedy. Read on…

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