Comic Connections: Farmer on My Bloody Valentine: 3-D

By Zack Smith



A while back, Newsarama talked with Todd Farmer, screenwriter of such films as Jason X and The Messengers, about his comics debut with the Image miniseries Alien Pig Farm 3000. Now, Farmer has his biggest film yet coming out this Friday with My Bloody Valentine 3-D, a remake of the cult Canadian classic about a very angry miner with a pickaxe to grind. The first R-rated release in the much-vaunted “Real-D” format, the film stars Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles, Jaime King, Kerr Smith and horror legend Tom Atkins.

With Valentine hitting theatres on Friday, we called up Farmer to get the goods on his new release. We wound up having a rollicking conversation about the film, its director Patrick Lussier, and the state of modern horror movies.

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