Turning the Clock Back – Greg Sadowski on Supermen!

By Zack Smith


The late 1930s and early 1940s gave rise to dozens of legendary heroes who are still around today, including Superman, Batman, Captain America and the Spirit.

And then…there were the rest.

Greg Sadowski, best-known as the author of the award-winning retrospective on Bernie Krigstein, B. Krigstein, is about to take readers back to the early days of comics, when heroes weren’t just heroes…they were Supermen!. The upcoming anthology from Fantagraphics features some of the earliest comic book superheroes and some of comics’ most legendary creators, including Will Eisner and Jack Kirby, along with an introduction by Jonathan Lethem (Omega the Unknown). We talked with Sadowski about the origins of his book, and the madness readers can expect to find inside.

And as a special bonus, we’ve included a story that was cut from the final book that just happens to star a character soon to be revived by DC.

Read on to find out more…