From Spiderwick to Comics: Talking to Holly Black

By Zack Smith


We recently chatted with artist Ted Naifeh about his work on the recent graphic novel The Good Neighbors Book One: Kin from Scholastic. Now we’re privileged to talk with that book’s writer, Holly Black.

Black is one of the most popular authors for young readers, best-known for her series The Spiderwick Chronicles with Tony DiTerlizzi, which was the basis for a popular film earlier this year. She’s also the author of the more teen-oriented Modern Fareie Tales series, which includes Tithe, Valiant and Ironside.

Now, Black’s tackling the graphic novel format with The Good Neighbors, the dark tale of Rue Silver, a young girl who discovers her mother’s disappearance is linked to a world lurking beneath the surface of her own – a world of faeries who are decidedly more dangerous than children’s stories have led us to expect. Black took some time out to answer our questions about her book, her favorite comics, and why she decided to get into the graphic novel game.

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