Partying with Doom – Tobin on Dr. Doom & the Masters of Evil

By Zack Smith

Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil #1

Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil #1

“Everybody needs somebody sometime,” goes the classic song. And perhaps that’s true for supervillains as well. But what happens when Dr. Doom, the armored monarch of Latveria, decides to team up with the other supervillains of the Marvel Universe?

This January, prepare to find out in Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil written by fan-favorite Paul Tobin (Age of the Sentry and many Marvel Adventures books) with art by Patrick Scherberger. Tobin gave us the 411 on Doom’s latest scheme and what’s coming up with his Marvel Adventures books (hint: insanity). We also entered into a lively debate as to our favorite Marvel supervillain.

Let the madness commence…

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