SEX DRIVE—Readers might rate this film considerably lower if they are not fans of the likes of Eurotrip; fans of over-the-top R-rated comedy will find plenty to amuse them. The storyline, based on a book (!) is typical teen-movie setup: Nice guy Ian (Josh Zuckerman) attempts to meet an Internet fling by “borrowing” a 1969 GTO from his ‘roid-raging brother (James Marsden), and on-the-road misadventures follow. The plot is as by-the-numbers as they come, but the individual incidents achieve unique levels of outrageousness, particularly anything with Marsden; Seth Green as a sarcastic Amish farmer; and Clark Duke as a bespectacled sidekick who’s inexplicably attractive to the ladies. The film also achieves an odd sweetness in the relationship between Ian and his female friend Felicia (Amanda Crew), whom he’d prefer to his online crush. Rob Reiner’s The Sure Thing did this story with more intelligence, but it didn’t have a climax involving a gun-wielding Mexican donut. Rated R. —ZS