Frank Cammuso first made a splash with his acclaimed series Max Hamm, Fairy Tale Detective. His work there got him noticed by Scholastic Books, which led to his new full-color graphic novel series Knights of the Lunch Table.

The first volume, The Dodgeball Chronicles, introduces us to Artie King, newest student at Camelot Middle School. The principal can’t stand him, and he’s already run afoul of head bully Mo. But luckily, he finds a few friends in fellow outsiders Percy and Wayne, and has an ally in science teacher Mr. Merlyn…and somehow manages to open a locker that no one else has been able to crack.

Together with his friends as a dodgeball team called the Knights, Artie King’s legend is about to begin. To find out more, we talked with Cammuso, who also did the young readers GN Otto’s Orange Day with Jay Lynch earlier this year, about his new series.

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