Frank Cammuso first made a splash with his acclaimed series Max Hamm, Fairy Tale Detective. His work there got him noticed by Scholastic Books, which led to his new full-color graphic novel series Knights of the Lunch Table. The first volume, The Dodgeball Chronicles, introduces us to Artie King, newest student at Camelot Middle School. […]

SPARKCon Advance Look

It’s a week and a half before the opening of the third annual SPARKcon, and about 20 of the participants are gathered on the second floor of DesignBox in downtown Raleigh to finalize plans. Dressed in everything from vintage outfits to suits to T-shirts and shorts, they buzz among themselves, quickly resolving minor difficulties; one […]

Review: ‘NIGHT, MOTHER at Raleigh Little Theatre

‘night, Mother Raleigh Little Theatre Through Sept. 28 It’s not the most cheerful way to spend an hour and a half, but Raleigh Little Theatre’s production of ‘night, Mother is a superb showcase for actors Linda O’Day Young and Martie Todd Sirois in a drama that gets under your skin. Marsha Norman’s 1983 Pulitzer Prize […]

Moving Houses for “Monster Moves” On Blount Street

Reprinted from the Independent Weekly History on the move at Blount Street Commons Making a “neighborhood thing,” with tractors and dollies 3 SEP 2008  •  by Zack Smith I usually sleep in on Saturdays, but it’s not every weekend you get to see half a million pounds of history towed down the street. I’m on […]

Corey Barba on YAM

All-Ages in a Onesie. Corey Barba Talks ‘Yam’ By Zack Smith It’s a lovely life on the island of La Leche de la Luna. On an average day, you might find yourself dealing with a cupcake that thinks it’s a pet, a flower that wants to start a rock band, turtles with delicious treats for […]