Guy Davis – Talking About The Marquis and More

By Zack Smith

An artist’s artist, Guy Davis’ detailed, atmospheric work has adorned many acclaimed projects, including Sandman Mystery Theatre, Baker Street, The Nevermen and of course his long run as artist on BPRD at Dark Horse.

But many fans consider his best work on his creator-owned series The Marquis. The violent and disturbing tale of Vol de Galle, a demon-hunter in the time of the Inquisition, who finds himself with the ability to see the real demons surrounding him. But the Marquis’ quest threatens his own sanity, and leads him into ever greater depths of darkness, including one of the most disturbing visions of Hell seen in comics or any medium.

The series has previously been published through Caliber and Image, but Dark Horse recently announced that it’s not only reprinting remastered editions of the two previous collections, but three new volumes from Davis that complete the story. We spoke with Davis about the world of Vol de Galle, and whether his creator-owned work will affect his run on BPRD.

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