“Boys of Steel”: The History of Superman – For All Ages


By Zack Smith
posted: 2008-08-05 06:25:00 ET

Do you really know the origin of Superman?

A new all-ages picture book from Random House, Boys of Steel The Creators of Superman, aims to tell a new generation of readers what really led to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s most famous creation. Written by Marc Tyler Nobleman and illustrated by Ross MacDonald, it tells the true story of the events leading up to two teenagers’ creation of a character that would change the course of popular culture.

In a conversation that’s probably many times longer than the actual book, Nobleman spoke with Newsarama about what went into Boys of Steel, another book on a comics legend that he’s working on, and several urban legends about Jerry Siegel that his research disproved. Read on…and you might be surprised by what you’ll learn.

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