Scott Sava – Taking a Dreamland Chronicles Tour

By Zack Smith
posted: 2008-08-01 10:33:00 ET

Scott Sava is living his comics dream…literally. His daily webcomic, The Dreamland Chronicles, has been an enormous online success, with an estimated 6,000,000 readers worldwide and 100,000 hits on the daily site. Now, it’s getting a major direct market and bookstore push with IDW Publishing doing both monthly 22-page comics and trade paperback collections of the strip.

Dreamland chronicles the adventures of Alex Carter, a college student who finds himself returning to the dreamworld where he had adventures as a little boy. Along with such allies as Nastajia, the queen of the elves, Kiwi the fairy, Felicity the cat girl and the giant Paddington Rockbottom, Alex seeks to save Dreamland from the evil dragon Nicodemus.

The all-ages series has been a pet project of Sava’s for years – and his hard work has paid off. Not only has Dreamland proved an award-winning series (even beating out the likes of Lost Girls and Pride of Baghdad in the Comic Buyers Guide Fan Awards), but he’s also doing a series of all-ages books for IDW. With the new monthly reprints and collections about to launch, Sava talked with us about all the work it took to get this series together – and provided a ton of behind-the-scenes art.

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