By Zack Smith

Javier Grillo-Marxuach has enjoyed a lot of success as a writer in Hollywood, working on such shows as Lost, Medium and many other sci-fi and fantasy shows (seriously. It’s a lot.). Now, he’s getting to do his own show…and he owes it in part to comic books.

For several years, readers have been familiar with The Middleman, the action-packed and wickedly funny series about Wendy Watson, a directionless twentysomething who gets sucked into the wonderful world of mysterious conspiracies and science gone mad when she takes a job with a mysterious figure hired to clean these messes up…a milk-drinking hero known only as the Middleman. Published by Viper Comics and illustrated by Les McClaine, the book enjoyed a considerable amount of critical acclaim, and led to Grillo-Marxuach doing several projects for Marvel Comic and other publishers.

But The Middleman had its origins as a TV pilot script…and now it’s returned to its roots as a new one-hour series premiering on ABC Family June 16th.

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