by Zack Smith

The definition of a fan favorite, Scott Morse is one of the most prolific writer/artists of the last decade, doing everything from cosmic epics (Soulwind) to gangsters (Volcanic Revolver) to Akira Kurosawa (The Barefoot Serpent) and even superheroes such as Elektra and Catwoman.

Now, the versatile creator has brought back one of his strangest and most beloved creations, Magic Pickle, as a new young readers series at Scholastic. The company just released the first two illustrated prose novels, Magic Pickle and the Planet of the Grapes and Magic Pickle vs. the Egg Poacher, along with a collection of the original Oni Press miniseries, recolored by Promethea’s Jose Villarrubia. Morse, who’s also moonlighting from comics as part of the Pixar team, talked with us about bringing Dill Justice back to comics (and we’re not gherkin you around).

(Hey, don’t blame us for the puns – we took these directly from the comic.)