Sarah Dessen on LOCK AND KEY

Sarah Dessen, young adult before it was cool Girls on paper 30 APR 2008  •  by Zack Smith Sarah Dessen was worried when her agent told her that her first book, That Summer, was a “young-adult novel.” At the time, there was little to bridge the gap between children’s and adult fiction beyond such series […]

Mark Andrew Smith on KILL ALL PARENTS

MARK ANDREW SMITH ON KILL ALL PARENTS by Zack Smith From the world-wide rocking of The Amazing Joy Buzzards to the deep blue journeys of Aqua Leung, Mark Andrew Smith isn’t afraid to deal with extreme ideas. His latest work is a one-shot from Image that deals with the perfect way to create a new […]

Scott Morse on MAGIC PICKLE

SCOTT MORSE: BRINGING THE PICKLE BACK by Zack Smith The definition of a fan favorite, Scott Morse is one of the most prolific writer/artists of the last decade, doing everything from cosmic epics (Soulwind) to gangsters (Volcanic Revolver) to Akira Kurosawa (The Barefoot Serpent) and even superheroes such as Elektra and Catwoman. Now, the versatile […]

Hope Larson on CHIGGERS

HOPE LARSON ON CHIGGERS AND MORE by Zack Smith Hope Larson’s evocative work on her first two graphic novels, Salamander Dream and Gray Horses, earned her a 2007 Special Recognition Eisner Award. Now, Larson is poised to reach a new and wide audience with Chiggers, a new original graphic novel from Simon & Shuster about […]

Sean Phillips on BLAST OF SILENCE

SEAN PHILLIPS ON THE BLAST OF SILENCE DVD by Zack Smith As artist on the Eisner-winning Icon series Criminal, Sean Phillips has paid tribute to classic noir books and films with both his detailed, expressive artwork on the book’s main stories and his illustrations for the single-issue-only backup essays. But a recent DVD release has […]


Reprinted from the Independent Weekly The Duck Variations; Sexual Perversity in Chicago 9 APR 2008  •  by Zack Smith The Duck Variations and Sexual Perversity in Chicago Ghost & Spice Theatre at Common Ground Theatre Through April 19 The Duck Variations Why have David Mamet’s Sexual Perversity in Chicago and The Duck Variations been paired […]


DWIGHT MacPHERSON ON KID HOUDINI AND THE SILVER DOLLAR MISFITS by Zack Smith Dwight L. MacPherson has already taken Edgar Allen Poe on a fantastic journey with Image’s The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allen Poo, which was recently nominated for an Eagle Award. Now, he’s taking on Harry Houdini with Kid Houdini and the Silver […]

Savannah College of Art and Design’s DISCOVERED Anthology

GOING INSIDE SCAD’S DISCOVERED by Zack SmithThe Savannah College of Art and Design’s Sequential Art Program has established itself as one of the top talent pools for new artists in the United States. Go to any large comic convention and you’re likely to find SCAD-grads lurking in Artists Alley or the portfolio review lines, impressing […]

Michael Hague on IN THE SMALL

MICHAEL HAGUE ON IN THE SMALL by Zack Smith What if all humans on Earth suddenly shrank to six inches tall? Oh, and everything else – including animals – is still the same size. That’s the apocalyptic question posed by In the Small, a new graphic novel for ages 12 and up coming from Little, […]