by Zack SmithOver the years, DC’s Metal Men have always maintained a loyal cult following. From such Silver Age stories as “The Playground of Terror” and “Birthday Cake for a Cannibal Robot!” to their more recent appearances in 52 and Superman/Batman, their unique combination of cartooniness, characterization and real-life science has made them a favorite among fans and pros alike, resulting in multiple revivals and even a possible feature film.

Their most recent miniseries (issue #5 of 8 hit earlier this month), pitting them against the likes of rogue scientist T.O. Morrow, a force known as “The Nameless” and their dark counterparts the Death Metal Men, has proven to be their craziest adventure yet, a time-hopping tale has even their most loyal fans puzzling out where it’s all headed. To get an idea, we headed for the book’s writer and artist, Duncan Rouleau. Rouleau, who co-created the hit Cartoon Network series Ben 10 as part of the Man of Action collective, revealed some of the secrets of his Metal Men series, and what readers can expect as it heads into the home stretch.

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