Brian K. Vaughan on Life after Y: THE LAST MAN (LINK FIXED)

BRIAN K. VAUGHAN: LIFE AFTER Y by Zack Smith Our week-long celebration of Y: The Last Man’s final issue continues today, as we get series writer and co-creator Brian K. Vaughan in for a special “Bonus Round” of questions about life after Y. Vaughan’s got plenty of projects on his plate, from his DC/Wildstorm series […]


GOOD-BYE TO Y: PIA GUERRA by Zack Smith Our celebration of the final issue of Y: The Last Man continues today. Click here and here for our interview with writer and co-creator Brian K. Vaughan. Pia Guerra was virtually unknown as an artist before Y’s release…but that quickly changed. Her work on the book, with […]

Brian K. Vaughan on Y: THE LAST MAN, Part Two (LINK FIXED)

GOOD-BYE TO Y I: BRIAN K VAUGHAN, II by Zack SmithWarning: This interview discusses the death of a major character in the book’s last few issues. If you’re just picking up the trades…you might want to wait before you read this. Part Two of our look back at the series is available here.

Brian K. Vaughan on Y: THE LAST MAN, Part One (LINK FIXED)

GOOD-BYE TO Y I: BRIAN K VAUGHAN, I by Zack Smith In the summer of 2002, a plague of unknown origin destroyed every last sperm, fetus and fully-developed mammal with a Y chromosome…with the apparent exception of one young man and his male pet. Sixty issues later, Vertigo’s acclaimed series Y: THE LAST MAN has […]

Duncan Rouleau on METAL MEN

TALKING METAL MEN WITH DUNCAN ROULEAU by Zack SmithOver the years, DC’s Metal Men have always maintained a loyal cult following. From such Silver Age stories as “The Playground of Terror” and “Birthday Cake for a Cannibal Robot!” to their more recent appearances in 52 and Superman/Batman, their unique combination of cartooniness, characterization and real-life […]


JANUARY 16, 2008 Warren Rochelle BY ZACK SMITH North Carolina is better known for tales of ghosts in the hills than fairies and magic. But that didn’t stop fantasy and science fiction novelist Warren Rochelle from setting his latest book, Harvest of Changelings ($24.95, Golden Gryphon Press), against the backdrop of the Triangle. Changelings concerns […]

Riverkeeper Film Festival

JANUARY 16, 2008 Riverkeeper film fest returns, urgently Streaming videos BY ZACK SMITH Longfin looks at the freshwater eel Photo courtesy of Riverkeeper Film Festival With global warming and water shortages keeping the environment on our minds, the ecologically focused films featured in the 2008 Riverkeeper Film Festival seem especially relevant. The Riverkeeper Film Festival, […]

Joe Casey on KRASH BASTARDS at Image

JOE CASEY: KRASH BASTARDS & MORE by Zack Smith Joe Casey has never shied away from the offbeat, whether it’s surrealist superheroics in Automatic Kafka, 1970s-style space madness in GODLAND or suburban serial killers in The Milkman Murders. He’s equally well-known for his superheroic work for different companies, including his recently-announced Last Defenders at Marvel […]

Jeff Parker on Guy Ritchie’s GAMEKEEPER

JEFF PARKER ON VIRGIN’S GAMEKEEPER & MORE by Zack SmithJeff Parker’s witty, action-packed tales for such books as X-Men: First Class, Agents of Atlas and the various Marvel Adventures titles have made him a fan-favorite creator. In March, he’ll take a decidedly darker turn with a run on Gamekeeper, the Virgin Comics series created by […]

Kazu Kibuishi on AMULET from Scholastic

KAZU KIBUISHI ON AMULET by Zack Smith Kazu Kibuishi has become one of the most acclaimed creators of the last few years with such creations as the webcomic Copper; Daisy Kutter from Viper, and the Flight anthologies, which he created and edits. Now, Kibuishi is poised to reach his biggest audience yet with Amulet, a […]