My Best Independent Weekly Reviews and Articles from 2007 With John Waters, Juliette Lewis and More!

24 Hour Comic Book Day Building Bount Street Commons Carolina Theatre Closes for Summer Sid Davis’ Horrific Instructional Films Empty Warehouses, No Trains Escapism Film Festival with Andre Gower of THE MONSTER SQUAD John Kessel on MASTERS OF SCIENCE FICTION with Sam Waterston and Judy Davis Jonathan Lethem on YOU DON’T LOVE ME YET Juliette […]


GETTING THE CEMETERY BLUES WITH RYAN RUBIO by Zack Smith Ryan Rubio met his collaborator, Thomas Boatwright, the old-fashioned way…at a comic shop. The two put together a print-on-demand comic, the supernatural comedy Cemetery, that’s now coming out as a miniseries through Image this January. Rubio chatted with Newsarama about the new series and the […]

The Movie Show with Craig Lindsey of the News and Observer

My friend Craig Lindsey, who’s the film critic for the Raleigh News and Observer, invited me to participate with him in a radio program called “The Movie Show” in Greensboro on Friday. The results were a bit…crazy.  You can read about our experience here, as well as download the show:  Or you can listen […]

ChrisCross on TAINTED

CATCHING UP WITH CHRISCROSS by Zack Smith When we last spoke to ChrisCross about his issue of Wildstorm’s Midnighter, a lot of our readers were left clamoring for more U.S. comics from the fan-favorite artist. Next year, they’ll get their wish. Cross is returning for a six-part serialized storyline, Tainted, from Big City Comics. In […]

Tony Millionaire (SOCK MONKEY, MAAKIES) Interview

THE LIFE OF A MILLIONAIRE: TONY MILLIONAIRE TALKS SOCK MONKEY AND MORE by Zack SmithWhether it’s the bleak comedy of Maakies or the whimsical tales of Sock Monkey, Tony Millionaire’s lushly illustrated cartoons are some of the most acclaimed comics of the past decade, winning numerous accolades from both comic and mainstream press. With the […]


MEETING THE FAMILY – ALAN DAVIS ON CLANDESTINE by Zack Smith The Clan is back. One of Marvel’s most acclaimed books of the mid-1990s was Alan Davis’ ClanDestine, the action-packed saga of an extraordinary family. Unfortunately, behind-the-scenes turmoil meant that it was also short-lived, with Davis departing after the first eight issues. Though the Clan […]


NICHOLAS GUREWITCH ON THE PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP by Zack Smith The Perry Bible Fellowship, named for a random church in Perry, Maine, has very little to do with the Bible. In fact, laughing at the strip’s outrageous dark comedy might make you worry that you’re going to Hell. The brainchild of 25-year-old Nicholas Gurewitch, the […]


The Golden Compass is a safe adaptation People of the book BY ZACK SMITH Lyra (Dakota Blue Richards) with Iorek, the armored polar bear, in The Golden Compass Photo courtesy of New Line Cinema The Golden Compass is likely to be controversial, and not just due to the well-publicized boycott by the Catholic League. This […]

Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure

TOM BREVOORT ON FF: THE LOST ADVENTURE by Zack Smith It’s not unusual for the lost work of a great artist to be released years after their passing. Ernest Hemingway and Ralph Ellison are just two legendary authors whose novels hit the shelves in recent years, and the surviving Beatles got back together in 1995 […]