’76 with Seth Peck and Tigh Walker

’76 II: SETH PECK & TIGH WALKER by Zack Smith Last time at Newsarama, we talked to half of Image’s ’76 team about Jackie Karma. This time, we head to the second half of the book to talk with Seth Peck and Tigh Walker about their storyline, Cool. Full story here.


DWIGHT MacPHERSON ON ARCHIBALD SAVES CHRISTMAS & MORE by Zack Smith Dwight L. MacPherson has become a name to watch among up-and-coming comic writers for such darkly funny works as Dead Men Tell No Tales and The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo, earning raves from the likes of Brian K. Vaughan, Kurt Busiek and […]

’76 with B. Clay More and Ed Tadem

’76 I: TALKING TO B. CLAY MOORE & ED TADEM by Zack Smith 1976 was about more than disco fever and fancy-schmancy bicentennial quarters. It was a time when heroes walked across 110th Street like human tornados, throwing down, busting heads, breaking hearts, taking names, and gettin’ it on. Those days are back this January […]

Jonthan Hickman on PAX ROMANA and A RED MASS FOR MARS

TALKING TO JONATHAN HICKMAN – PAX ROMANA & A RED MASS FOR MARS Jonathan Hickman’s Image miniseries The Nightly News established the writer/artist as a talent to watch, earning raves from the likes of Brian Michael Bendis and Brad Meltzer. Now he’s back with not one but two new projects from Image Pax Romana and […]


All along the watchtower, a princess kept the view: Amy Adams in Enchanted Photo by Barry Wetcher/ Disney In Bruno Bettelheim’s classic analysis of fairy tales, The Uses of Enchantment, he suggests that the lack of description and characterization in fairy tales is a way of allowing the reader to relate themselves to the characters. […]


BEOWULF—This CGI version of the English 101 mainstay offers a Faustian update on the classic tale of a warrior (Ray Winstone) battling the monster Grendel (Crispin Glover at his most manic) and his mother (interpreted as a naked, 3-D Angelina Jolie). Director Robert Zemeckis has improved the quality of his motion-capture filmmaking since the creepiness […]


BACK TO THE BEGINNING: AMY WOLFRAM ON TEEN TITANS: YEAR ONE by Zack Smith You probably haven’t read any of Amy Wolfram’s work…but most comic fans have probably seen it. Wolfram, who served as a writer and story editor on the Cartoon Networks’s Teen Titans animated series, makes the leap to print this January with […]


JIM RUGG ON CAPTIN KIDD AND THE NEXT ISSUE PROJECT by Zack Smith Continuing our look at Image’s The Next Issue Project, we’ve got Jim Rugg, who recently illustrated DC/Minx’s The PLAIN Janes, on the Captain Kidd story he’s doing with his Street Angel collaborator Brian Maruca. You’ll also get an ultra-brief look at a […]

Brian Churilla on THE ENGINEER, IRONSIDE and More

TALKING TO BRIAN CHURILLA: THE ENGINEER AND MORE Brian Churilla has hit the comics scene in a big way with his new cosmic adventure The Engineer from Archaia Studios Press. The epic tale of a mysterious being who travels through space and time with a giant pipe organ, it’s a throwback to old-school cosmic comics, […]


MIKE ALLRED TALKS REVIVING STARDUST FOR THE NEXT ISSUE PROJECT by Zack Smith The Golden Age of Comics created such characters as Superman, Batman and Captain America…and hundreds if not thousands of other characters of all genres who filled out the 64-page books of the time. While some are still around today, many were gone […]