by Zack SmithChrisCross (aka Chris Williams) has earned a loyal fan following from his work on such books as Captain Marvel, Slingers, Blood Syndicate and most recently, Firestorm. His work has also earned raves from the writers he’s collaborated with – Christopher Priest has a page on his web site calling him “one of the greatest comic book storytellers alive.”

Chris has been absent from the U.S. comics scene since abruptly leaving Firestorm, a departure that sparked a considerable amount of online controversy. But he’s recently returned with stories in Wildstorm’s Welcome to Tranquility and the upcoming Midnighter #11 with Keith Giffen. We spoke with Chris about his Midnighter gig, why he left Firestorm, and what he’s been up to the last few years. HINT: It involves ancient Egypt and cheesecake.

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