by Zack Smith

We’re smokin’ that Danger Girl!

We’re smokin’ that Gen 13!

— from “Wiid”

mc chris (aka Chris Ward) is living large. The “nerdcore” rapper responsible for such cult hits as “Fette’s Vette” and “dq blizzard” recently finished his latest U.S. tour, reprised his role as the oft-reincarnated MC Pee Pants in Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters (now on DVD) and is set to make his triumphant return to Adult Swim with an all-new project.

You might be familiar with the mc’s work on ATHF or on Sealab 2021, or from his web site or MySpace page. But nothing can compare to seeing him live on stage rapping at warp speed to packed houses full of fans who know every lyric, contribute remixes of his songs, and even get to hang out with him after the show for food, bowling and the occasional movie screening. Newsarama recently caught up with Chris to talk comics, his latest projects, and the future. Ladies and gentlemen, fanboys and fangirls…give it up for mc chris.

Full Interview here.