August 2007


by Zack SmithTen years ago, a robotic assassin, cradling the dead body of his one true love, was told by the angels of Heaven to kill the Earth.

His response? “I’ll do it.”

Now, readers will finally find out what happened next.

Since leaving his cult creation Scud the Disposable Assassin, writer and artist Rob Schrab hasn’t exactly sat on his hands. He co-wrote the cult TV pilot Heat Vision and Jack and the Oscar-nominated animated film Monster House, and co-created the hit Comedy Central series The Sarah Silverman Program.

But Scud always weighed at the back of his mind. And last fall, a number of factors (including, we should mention, fan response to our interview with him), led to his deciding to take time out from his busy schedule to finally finish the storyline.
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The untimely death of Durham artist Mike Wieringo
A fantasist’s last sketch


Mike Wieringo at the 2006 Heroes Con in Charlotte
Photo by Donna Nolen-Weathington

On Aug. 10, Durham-based comic book artist Mike Wieringo updated his Web site,, with a detailed sketch of Jarek, the hero of his fantasy comic Tellos, which he had created with his best friend Todd DeZago. The post was titled “Just a Quick One Today.” It would be the last post he made.

Full story on this talented artist’s passing here.

 I got to talk with the talented actor and creator for Newsarama about his different projects and love of comics.

 Here’s a sample of our conversation:

NRAMA: What are some highlights of your collection?

CD: I recently got the Morrison New X-Men Omnibus. I had all the single issues, but it’s great to have them all in one place. This is how nerdy I am – I’ve got all four Flex Mentallo issues…hard copy. No Internet for me!

That’s like the coolest thing in my collection, along with my complete run of Miracleman. That one took a while – the last six issues were impossible to find. It took me years on eBay – issue #15, the one with Kid Miracleman, that cost me like $80, but it was worth it. It was a CGC copy that I took out of the case.

NRAMA: You…you are nerdcore.

CD: All the way, man. All the way. I’ll throw down

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by Zack SmithWhether it’s his hilarious observations on family life in The Bakers, the wild satire of such graphic novels as Why I Hate Saturn, The Cowboy Wally Show, or his dark look at slavery in Nat Turner, Kyle Baker has constantly proven to be one of comics’ most diverse and idosyncratic talents. Now, the multiple Eisner-winner will take on the U.S. military in Image Comics’ new miniseries Special Forces, about an autistic boy recruited by the Army….a tale that’s based on an unfortunately true story.

A casual chat with the multitalented Baker soon proved as entertaining as his comics, as he covered everything from his decision to go with Image after years of self-publishing, the problems he faced writing and illustrating DC’s award-winning Plastic Man series, and where you might soon find The Bakers in animated form. With opinions on everything from the comics industry to the animation industry to the state of American newspapers, it’s easy to see why Kyle Baker is one of the busiest men in comics.

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Triple-A Baseball Heroes


Illustration by John Watson/ Marvel Comics

Yes, that’s Wool E. Bull cheering on the Hulk in Durham Bulls blues to a home run.

…as far as Marvel giveaway comics go, this isn’t quite as bizarre as 1987’s Captain America Meets the Asthma Monster, or the infamous 1976 comic where Spider-Man stopped an alien from discouraging kids to visit Planned Parenthood…it’s nonetheless a fun read that should hopefully get a few sports fans headed from the ballpark to the comics shop.

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Superbad drops tons of F bombs, but has heart
Seth and Evan go to the mini-mart


Superbad is a hard-R teen comedy that contains no nudity, no intense violence, and sexual situations that would be considered tame by the standards of basic cable. The R comes from the language, an almost non-stop flurry of F-bombs and sexual references that sounds like Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob having an argument with characters from a David Mamet play.

I mention the language because it’s essential to why the film works—and as a warning for the aurally squeamish (at the screening I attended, the studio monitor counted eight walkouts). In many ways, this is the raunchiest teen movie since the first American Pie, but it also has a fundamental sweetness and honesty that most teen movies lack.

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by Zack Smith

We’re smokin’ that Danger Girl!

We’re smokin’ that Gen 13!

— from “Wiid”

mc chris (aka Chris Ward) is living large. The “nerdcore” rapper responsible for such cult hits as “Fette’s Vette” and “dq blizzard” recently finished his latest U.S. tour, reprised his role as the oft-reincarnated MC Pee Pants in Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters (now on DVD) and is set to make his triumphant return to Adult Swim with an all-new project.

You might be familiar with the mc’s work on ATHF or on Sealab 2021, or from his web site or MySpace page. But nothing can compare to seeing him live on stage rapping at warp speed to packed houses full of fans who know every lyric, contribute remixes of his songs, and even get to hang out with him after the show for food, bowling and the occasional movie screening. Newsarama recently caught up with Chris to talk comics, his latest projects, and the future. Ladies and gentlemen, fanboys and fangirls…give it up for mc chris.

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