Empty warehouses, no trains
What to do with TTA’s empty buildings in downtown Raleigh?


The seven red-brick buildings adjacent to the large Dillon Supply building off of West Martin Street in downtown Raleigh are a melancholy sight. They’ve remained empty since late 2005, when they were bought out by the Triangle Transit Authority as part of the TTA’s plans for a 28-mile rail line.

Problem: The rail line’s still in limbo, and so are the buildings.

A view of the Dillon Supply building off West Martin Street in Raleigh
Photo by James Preiss

Aly Khalifa and Isaac Panzarella are two members of DesignBox, a creative collective that opened an office near the old Dillon buildings in March. They’ve proposed a solution—why not repurpose the buildings as live/work spaces for artists?

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