Fletcher Hanks: The Ed Wood of Comics?

SDCC ’07: FLETCHER HANKS PANEL by Zack Smith For years, the work of Golden Age comic book creator Fletcher Hanks lingered in obscurity. That recently changed with the release of Fantagraphics’ I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets: The Comics of Fletcher Hanks by Paul Karasik, which has introduced such surreal, vengeful characters as Stardust […]

News of the WATCHMEN Film!

SDCC ’07: WARNER BROS. PANEL by Zack Smith Whiteout and Watchmen, two of the most-anticipated film adaptations of comics…well, ever, were previewed at San Diego Comic-Con International on Friday. Hall H, the largest exhibition room at the convention center, was packed wall to wall with thousands of fans waiting to hear some of the first […]


SDCC ’07: JOE HILL TALKS LOCKE & KEY @ IDW by Zack SmithAt their panel today at SDCC, IDW announced a new project by a known/unknown author (depending on what you’ve heard). Author Joe Hill is a young writer’s who’s just coming into his own thanks to the reception his novel Heart-Shaped Box has seen. […]

Blount Street Commons: Revitalizing an Old Neighborhood

JULY 25, 2007 Building Blount Street Commons Linking one of Raleigh’s oldest districts to the new downtown BY ZACK SMITH 540 N. Blount St. in downtown Raleigh has seen better days. A thin layer of black dirt covers the outside, and if you want an invitation inside, you probably shouldn’t touch the broken plastic button […]

IM Convo with the News and Observer’s Craig Lindsey

  Did a chat session with my friend, film critic Craig Lindsey, which ran on the Raleigh News and Observer’s web site….along with that photo of me with Rosario Dawson.  Lindsey’s observations on the chat: “But this convo is perhaps the most significant for me because Smith helped me deal with something that was tearing […]


JONATHAN LETHEM ON OMEGA THE UNKNOWN by Zack Smith ENIGMA THE FIRST: the lone survivor of an alien world, a nameless man of somber, impassive visage, garbed utterly inappropriately in garish blue-and-red. ENIGMA THE SECOND: James-Michael Starling, age twelve raised in near-isolation by parents who (he discovered on the day they “died”) were robots. ENIGMA […]